About Us

The Company

American Solar Tec is a Florida based company primarily doing business as a Sales and Marketing for solar installation. We service entire State of Florida. The company have been in business for 2 years and with 11 years of combined solar experiences.

Corporate Programs

American Solar Tec over the years keeps the innovation by developing different ways and techniques to improve it’s organizational workflow where each and everyone in the company benefits. Every hardships and challenges we face large or small, we always find a solution.

Working with Us

American Solar Tec mission is to provide everyone an enjoyable work environment. Simple and easy to understand trainings. A Very well organized company and every one in the company matters, well compensated on the work they do.

Our Approach

American Solar Tec values everyone’s idea. Therefore, we are an open-minded company. Everybody’s suggestion, recommendations and comments are taken into consideration if the idea is a good way to benefit everyone.

About Us