Frequently Asked Questions

American Solar Tec mainly focuses marketing and sales for Solar Installation in the State of Florida.

It depends on what type of Staff you are:

Staff outside USA – We prefer Paypal method

Staff Inside USA – We prefer ACH or ADP payroll

Currently No unless you are an affiliate.

Click the Job Listing Button.

The process is Simple. Once you are Hired.

First, you must register then fill out the agreement form.

We will then approve your registration.

The following steps will be then in your Portal.

It depends:

If you are Non-US resident – There is no deduction.

If you are a US Resident W2 – Yes there is.

If you are a US Resident and an Independent Contractor – There is no deduction

Training is usually takes 1-2 weeks, depends on how easily you will adapt and master the work. And yes it is a paid training.

We pay weekly. We schedule the payroll on Friday , you might receive it on Friday otherwise¬† you’ll get it by Monday, Easter Standard Time.